Sunday, April 4, 2010


Size 30cm x 30cm or 11,8in x 11,8in, Sennelier Oil Pastels


  1. Red is the most face-dominant sketch we have seen. The dedication of the Woman artist has intensified and she has begun to bring her persona to the forefront. We receive her being here with an unfiltered directness. The pressure of her face and the intensity of her gaze are unstoppable and powerfully almost super human. The huge visage rests in a delicate and intricate world of curly lines and feminine wardrobe. We see for the first time some of her lines on the page in a clear way... these lines are pressed hard into the paper and are the true reality of the artist, while her being as a body rests in a semi-solid state. But most of all we fall in love with the curly chaos of her hair and upper body which is depicted with a sublime sense of pastel on paper. Did I not mention the Red and its dominance over the blue? Well this is a strong expressionist statement... a psyche full of fire and emotion. Thank you again, Verena, for your honesty and necessity of artistic expression.

  2. thank you Nathaniel for your dear thoughts - i offer to much persona, yes, i will try to calm down...

  3. No, no, no. I do not mean that you offer too much anything, much less persona. I was only trying to comment on how strong it was. So please be yourself as being true to yourself is why all these drawings have been so very interesting, beautiful, truthful, and varied. Do not think of others, but only have the courage to simply be as you are, it is so marvelous. Sorry if my words were not so clear.

  4. I look again at the self portrait this morning and begin, as usual with your work, begin to appreciate the drawing again in a different way... with different emphasis. How strong the lightening bolt of red coming down through your head and face!
    What a powerful gesture of pure intensity. The fullness of the psyche depicted, so calmly resting here, or more simply the vitality of your presence here in the drawing is so tenderly touching and astounding.

  5. Thanks and thanks Nathaniel
    But if you think of "persona" in a buddhist view... I'm pretty sure it's no freedom to identify with my persona.
    I would prefer to offer more contemplation in my drawings. There is already enough chaos in the world.
    I would love to deal with my emotions better, especially as an artist, I feel responsible for what I awake in an other person. Would love to calm down before i make a drawing and while I work...

  6. But the excellence and profundity of the drawing gives the viewer a nurturing and helping hand. It is an act of goodness.