Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cross my Legs

Size 30cm x 30cm or 11,8in x 11,8in, Sennelier Oil Pastels


  1. Look who turns and looks right at us? Although, we realize a moment later that she is looking in a mirror and seeing herself as she sits and draws, which is indeed the drawing itself. How interesting to think about! Harlequins dance behind her in this beautifully but oddly colored vision. Finger smears on the paper set off the delicate lines of this finely tuned drawing all rendered in an unusual combination of a red and blue we have never seen before in a work by Verena. Again, congratulations on your continued explorations of mood and color. It is amazing how many different notes or keys, so to speak, you can strike.

  2. Nathaniel's a french song in blue and red. Thank you for your comment!