Sunday, March 14, 2010


21cm x 29,7cm or 8,5 in x 11.75 Sennelier Oil Pastels


  1. I just love this, Verena. There's both a relaxation and intensity to this--in the drawing itself and in the expression and posture of the figure- that so well captures an artist's absorption in flow and with the other.

  2. Yes, Melissa has said is all so well... what a gracefully delicate figure all composed of the lightest of lines, the lightest of touch by the artist. So much space and warmth. How do you pose and draw and bring all this together at one time? And the vibration of the ribbed paper, is not this something new? Congratulations on all of this... you, our favorite dreamer.

  3. In looking at this and "moonlight" more, I really do feel the whimsical nature of these drawings, balanced by a wistfulness, giving them a subtle but powerful emotional contrast. Almost in the was of a sad smile.

  4. alle träume aufgetürmt in der nachtfrisur.
    alle nächte aufgeträumt in der turmfrisur?
    alle türme auffrisiert in der traumfrisur.
    alles nachtgetüm. rapunzel.