Thursday, March 4, 2010



  1. Eyeing is such a perfect title, with the lifted eyebrow and widened eye piercing right through me. I particularly enjoy the way your head is held and how your hair frames the wonderful expanse of your face you are sharing with us. I really enjoy this one. I can't stop looking into the eyes of the drawing.

  2. Hello Spyros
    it's so wonderful that you wrote a comment.
    Thank you

  3. Yes, this is definitely a special one! So classically balanced, so full of gentleness and softness, this portrait melts down the viewer with its open generous heart. And you, the Woman artist, Verena, so eyeingly present. What wonder and peace comes from this beautifully dark blue colored figure resting on the most heavenly of twilight grays. This is a great one, maybe my favorite since The Oasis. Thank you and congratulations.