Monday, February 22, 2010

Cosy Coat

Size 30cm x 30cm or 11,8in x 11,8in, Sennelier Oil Pastels


  1. I really love this portrait. The smile is amazing and glows, you seem so very happy, warm and wonderfully cozy here and I love that you are drawing. It just makes me smile.

  2. love love love your style of drawing ::: is this oil pastels? i think i press too hard using mine, just did my first oil pastel today! thanks for the inspiration from Paris!

  3. thank you Heniadis
    I would like to say the smile and the glow came by magic
    It' wonderful to read you and thank you for helping me with the title

  4. dear Martha A. Wade
    thank you greatly for commenting. Yes it is oil pastels. After I read your comment I wrote the annex to the drawing. I experienced that the softness depends on the color. Blue is much steelier then the red. Also I find it pleasant to hold the stick in my warm hand, before I start to draw. It's wonderful that I inspire you to draw with pastels

  5. Again, Verena, you have brought us the joy of line and image working together in a tender union. There is so much pleasure to be derived from the drawing itself as pastel on paper which at the same moment is also the evocation of a lovely moment for our artist friend. What a calming and nourishing presence you have offered us. Thank you for this beautiful depiction of a character we have all begun to love. Each time we see her our admiration for her grows and deepens. How truly marvelous.