Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Oasis

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  1. Is not this one of the most touching of portraits we have ever seen. The pure magic of actuality is so tenderly breathing. This portrait is not a drawing of someone but is completely present as someone. The chalk, is life itself, and becomes two eyes of such power and soulful depth. All of human thinking, all of human emotions, all of human love emanates internally and externally from these wells of haunting darkness. The repose of the figure, having found her Oasis, rests in the cool leafy light. The hair, a major player in this series, is so beautifully coiffed and gestures as extensions of human energy. The delicate crosses on the blouse and the surround of floating lines all serve to enhance the fragile peace which we are now so pleasurably experiencing. This splendid episode in the life of a struggling artist is also for us, the viewers, an appreciated moment of thorough calm tinged ever so slightly with the thoughts of human need. Here we have human life itself as pure presence, pure poignancy, pure tenderness of being all manifested through a most beautiful color of blue chalk. A little masterpiece, I feel.