Sunday, February 14, 2010


Size 30cm x 30cm or 11,8in x 11,8in, Sennelier Oil Pastels


  1. How beautiful this color of chalk looks after spending time with The Fire. This pose of an intimate moment of emotion has a powerful gravity. For moments its state of mind reminds me of Picasso's painting of Gertrude Stein. The deep burgundy grape skin color of the pastel ranges from the more translucent shading through the half-toned squiggles and finished off with the hard pressed deepest of shades and most rewarding of colors. The profound use of the the negative space of the white paper is in an additional and highly accomplished aspect of the this extremely genuine evocation.

  2. Every time I come back to this powerful drawing I am shocked again with how much human expression one finds here as a living presence. It is quite magical how much this figure really is expressing with her face... just amazing. Verena, you have offered us such an evocative moment so filled with so many emotions and all so clearly expressed.

  3. dear Nathaniel
    thank you very much for your comment - I will try to become better with the composition, including negativ space - when someone commented that Stein did not look like her portrait, Picasso replied, "She will" -

    Read more and have a look here
    link to Picassos "Bequest of Gertrude Stein"