Sunday, February 7, 2010

From the Eye

ca 21cm x 29,7cm or 8,5in x 11.75in Sennelier Oil Pastels


  1. Oh dear. Our poor Woman artist has become caught up in the panic of time after her timeless sojourn into the spirit world of the jungle. She looks out at us her followers and we so much want to help her. The lines in this light sketch are so deeply alive and appropriate to this beautiful moment of transition.

  2. hello Nathaniel, how interesting your thoughts - you speek of panic - and poor woman.
    Really? Where? But I believe you...
    Basicly I'm happy with the result - with the portrait as a report of myself and also with the lines...
    It's not on me to see what others see in my artwork. I thank you so much for your frank words and great company, it is most appreciated

  3. I love this drawing, being very expressive on the one hand - on the other just indicating a story for each of us to complete ourselves. I can look at it a long time and find new details.

  4. Detlef, thank you for saying the drawing offers time.


  5. Yes, thank you for your comment. I look again at the drawing this morning and see quite a different thing. I think, perhaps, I was taking my projections too seriously. Now I see the thrilling transition from the previous... a woman almost buried in lines now manifests in the most efficient of ways as line itself. From being under the line she becomes the line. So much feeling is expressed with so little. How wonderful. I so agree with what Detlef had to say.