Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sweet Confusion


  1. Sweet Confusion surprisingly returns us to the world of the Firebird. This weightless tumble, so feminine and dream-like is so immediate in its sensuousness, truly like the land of our nocturnal travels. Verena, for you to reveal for us this part of your psyche juxtaposed with your daily activities as a plein air sketcher wandering the bare-treed landscapes of subfreezing Paris is quite a full meal and a genuine treat for your followers. Thank you so much, it makes anticipating your next drawing all the more dramatic... will we be with your pencil in the icy Paris afternoon or resting snugly on your pillow as you meander the pathways of your mind.

  2. Nathaniel, your comments are so enjoyable, I'm so happy to have you writing here. Thanks!

  3. der feuerfogel entsprang dem ei eines engels
    in anmut und magie zwischen nacht und tag,
    nicht alltägliches täglich zu schaffen,
    ein feuerfogel ist's, der dies vermag.

    der gelobten sei's verbeugt.

  4. Lieber Kunstbefreiter, Du berührst mit wundervollem Gesang, Dein Besuch ist hoch geschätzt

    Dank in Verlinkung, Verena