Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Pinafore


  1. What a strong and vital drawing you have presented once again, but now only better. The confident and daring use of black, the to-die-for blues, and the enlivening yellows all come together with such a strong psychological accuracy. The feelings are the lines are the image are the art work. What a great unity of expression and what true beauty of expression we have here.
    I think I understand from your comments that this is a drawing done from life and then enhanced on your computer. If this is so, you have come upon a winning combination, one that can express a very deep and meaningful sense of humanity.

  2. Dear Nathaniel, It' great to read your comments. It'is as you say, this are "drawings done from life and then enhanced on the computer".
    So truly helpful to receive your notes. Merci