Sunday, January 10, 2010

Les Trottinettes


  1. What a humbling surprise to see what appears to be a sketch of charcoal on paper. How enjoyable it is to participate in the varied quality of the lines in this drawing. One can experience the intimacy of the artist's pressure throughout... from the most ephemeral of the lines to those most darkly declarative. And the amazing line of descent that unravels as it falls. Two empty human creatures on a bench with a newspaper? Or figures from T'ang China contemplating a mountain waterfall? So nice, Verena, to see such a classical image rendered so simply.

  2. Nathaniel, thank you for commenting, I have a big surprise for you. The trottinettes are child's scooters :) Can you sea two girls with two scooters?

    But - I myself can easely recognize human creatures on a bench. Truly.
    Love to you

  3. Oh how funny. Yes, I do see the two scooters now... the darkest lines... and then again I see the two older people on a bench. What an amusing visual pun in a sense. I will now go back and observe it more as you intended.