Thursday, January 7, 2010

Frozen Winter Chairs

Drawing made outside in snow and cold at a Pavillon of the Luxembourg Garden.

From verena's "#draw365"


  1. I love the brown on brown of this sketch. Is this something you changed in your computer or did you draw with brown ink? The variety of browns, sometimes producing the hallucination of yellows (or are there yellows there?)has the most nurturing effect. It looks particularly good when clicked to a larger format. It reminds me quite sincerely of the sketches from the 1500's, of Rembrandt, for instance, out in the world with his sketch book. The light and effortless lines in this depiction give us a direct joy, a joy that goes through our eyes to our hearts. This series of winter sketches (which were momentarily interrupted by the joy of the Firebird) has such an honest sense of the true spirit of plein air work. One can sense the cold day and the immediacy of the drawing. What love we feel in these works, what tenderness of heart for our world. Thank you for these delicate little renderings, they truly communicate and touch us with their caring and love. You offer us so very much in presenting this work. Thank you again.

  2. Dear Nathaniel Thank you so very much for your visit and lovely comment. No, the colors are not real, I wish...
    I'm certainly happy when the love i feel for the world finds it's way to the Blog and to the people who read it. Love to you :-)