Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Intelligent Willow


  1. This micro-view of organic decay is one half stained glass window and one half under-pond-life-form. It reminds me a lot of what in avant-garde film making is called hand-processing where the emulsion of the film is treated in inappropriately hot or cold chemicals which causes the surface of the film to fold, shrivel, and reveal colors not ordinarily seen. One of my favorite things in this one is the salmon-red dots floating over the dark olive seaweed green, ornamented with scratchy black and backgrounded with glimpses of blue.

  2. Upon looking at this image a second time, later in the day, I suddenly see a figure. Is it a woman with her legs crossed but with the head of a bird? This primordial, mythic, ceremonial image is a haunting presence midst its dreamy under water landscape. It echoes today's photo on Paris Bird which also features a woman (is it the photographer herself?) with visible legs and middle but also with a face that has dissolved into the natural worldly beauty of her surround. What an exotic motif is making itself known and expressed here. How interesting it is to see this on the same day in two different mediums with such different atmospheres.