Tuesday, January 19, 2010



  1. What a beauty we have here. I am so happy that you took some time to rest because the results today are most magnificent. I sense that this is a computer drawing, a medium that you have treated us with so many times before, and just as before, you transmute this medium into something gratifyingly human and physically sensuous.

    Sailors? Yes, we have a drunken scene here filled with bravura and bragging confrontation. These three blue/purple figures are exploding with stormy invectives. The playful intoxicated energy of these young men hurling insults through the air is so alive and at the same time so beautifully poetic for the eye. All this rugged and ragged activity is rendered here in a sublime composition of the most delicate and psychologically astute colors. The salmon in the lower right perfectly offsets the haunting blue/purples of the sailors. The pale yellow and brown upper left corner acts almost as the thought process of the figure on the left. One can almost feel this resource about to turn into further acts of verbal excess. And the extreme gorgeousness of the pure black as background is to die for.

    All of this energy is magically rendered here within a sublime balance of the most lively of compositions. And one must comment once more on the delicate and haunting use of color. A great work, Verena. Thank you so much for offering this to us. Just terrific on such a grand scale.

  2. I look again the next morning at Sailors and what did I forget to mention in my previous comment? Imagine, no mention of the color of white in this complex image, for it is the white that ignites and lifts the whole vision into an ecstatic scene of luminous night.

  3. Dear Nathaniel, it's a dark scenery, it might be frightening a bit. This one's the first work I startet to draw on a photo.
    Thank you for profound and beautiful comment, i thank you. Just wonderful, what you offer