Thursday, December 31, 2009



  1. It is interesting to see you enter a drawing that is done traditionally by hand, rather than your newly found skill of electronic painting. I assume this from the title "Crayon". Are we still in a bad hair day? Madame, seems quite overwhelmed with her surround.

    This is such a sad, sad portrait to me. When I see it on your blog page and at the same time observe the black and white photo of yourself, I cannot help but see this as a self portrait. If you are that sad, as holiday season can often and commonly provoke, please be well and know the joy you are giving us on your several blogs is a genuine gift for us followers. Please, please be well... we love your work so much.

  2. The Importance of Being Earnest (Oscar Wild)

    Hello Nathaniel. Well, my sketch is certainly an open book :-) To work on 31. december evening on a drawing might find it's expression in a portrait. But I had a good time drawing it. And I think I couldn't have had a better time in a other situation. Yes in my life there's darkness. This is why I create. I enjoy it - and people do.

    I don't want to focus on my sadness and sorrow. While drawing this one, I wasn't self-aware on that level. I was just drawing me.

    Also, keep in mind this is a mirror portrait. In this situation you just concentrate. Of course you're free to make a happy face each time you look at yourself.
    I hope this answer is helpful.
    Thank you very much, your comment is very much appreciated, Verena

  3. Hello Verena, because of your response I have read again my own comment and want to apologize as I too now see my words as too extreme. Yes, it is a powerful and beautifully crayoned portrait, and yes we all have sadness as human beings and this is certainly not a problem but part of the truth of our human existence. Perhaps I too was in a vulnerable mood. So often your photo and drawing blogs have so much color and energy for the spirit and I was surprised and taken with the power of your facial expression. I enjoy commenting on your work so much and now can see clearly that my remarks were not appropriate, if not a little selfish. For this I apologize.

    I so look forward to the continuing adventures of your drawing, painting, and photo blogs. They have give me so much pleasure and the last thing I would ever wish is to inhibit the truth and beauty of your expression as a very talented artist.